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Designer Chien Piao Tang

Vanguard-Throwing Knife (4 Pieces) Available on Amazon for US customers

Vanguard-Throwing Knife (4 Pieces) Available on Amazon for US customers

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[US Customers] We friendly recommend you to place an order on Amazon at: Amazon.com : YINDISI Chien Piao Tang designed TACTICALEDGED.DOJO Vanguard - Elite Precision Throwing Knife with Traditional Design, 3 Pieces, 4.59 oz : Sports & Outdoors for seamless Prime delivery if possible.

Streamlined Tradition

Introducing the Vanguard, our latest addition to the precision thrower's arsenal. With its weight of 4.59 oz and a length of 8.46 inches, coupled with a thickness of 0.24 inches, this knife embodies a perfect blend of ancient Chinese "willow leaf" design principles and modern aerodynamics.

High-Quality Material

Forged from 4Cr13 stainless steel, the Vanguard is a testament to durability and strength. This material selection ensures a fine balance between maintaining a sharp edge and resisting wear, all while offering a practical level of hardness rated at 51 HRC.

Innovative Design

Crafted with precision by Chien Piao Tang, the Vanguard presents a tapered tail design, minimizing the risk of impact damage during precision throws. The strategically placed hole at the tail end allows for customization with tassels, adding a touch of tradition and functionality.

Tailored for Precision

The Vanguard's shape is not just about aesthetics; it's engineered for performance. Ideal for no-spin and half-spin techniques, this throwing knife provides a reliable grip and consistent throw, making it a favorite for enthusiasts seeking accuracy and minimal rotation.

Technical Data

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