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"Still Water"stage tutorial-TEDOJO University

"Still Water"stage tutorial-TEDOJO University

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"This series is our online tutorial from MASTER TIANZHENG, consisting of six stages. The link provided is for the second stage: Still Water. Upon successful order, we will send the link via email and include the first stage of this course as a complimentary gift. The first stage, known as "Understanding Your Hand", focuses on fundamental throwing techniques such as stance and grip. In the second stage "Still Water", the emphasis is on leveraging the spine and hips for power generation. Diligent practice is key to mastering throwing skills and enhancing technique"

This is a VIRTUAL course. You will be receiving a link in your email inbox that you can access the course.

If you have a desired email address, feel free to notify us, or it will be sent to the default email address you use when you place your order.

P.S. In order to protect intellectual property and innovation, please do NOT distribute videos and documents freely, thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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