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Designer JUREN

Apocalypse DF Bo-Shuriken

Apocalypse DF Bo-Shuriken

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DF-22 is a heavy-duty bo-shuriken with a diameter of 10mm. It still features the signature 6-edged piercing tip of the Apocalypse Series. However, with the added heft of 138g, this bo-shuriken takes penetration power to the next level.


DF-26 is a bo-shuriken designed for more advanced users. With a good understanding of martial techniques and proper application of force, experienced users can unleash greater power and achieve deeper penetration with this bo-shuriken. However, for users who are inexperienced in throwing techniques, there are several issues to consider when using the DF-26 in practical combat scenarios:

  1. Inability to achieve high throwing velocity: Users may struggle to achieve high throwing velocity, giving targets a chance to evade.

  2. Insufficient initial velocity after release: This bo-shuriken may have difficulty maintaining proper flight posture after being thrown due to inadequate initial velocity. Excessive tilting can prevent most of the kinetic energy from converging at the tip of the bo-shuriken.

Before You Buy

We must remind everyone that if you reside in a relatively humid region, please exercise caution when considering the purchase of the Apocalypse Series. In order to ensure hardness, strength, and cost-effectiveness, some compromises had to be made during the product development process. The Apocalypse Series boasts enhanced penetration power and more durable materials compared to other products. However, in comparison to some other options, the Apocalypse Series may have slightly inferior rust resistance capabilities.

Technical Data

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