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Designer WanDao

Dynasty Ring-Premium Throwing Knife (3 Pieces)

Dynasty Ring-Premium Throwing Knife (3 Pieces)

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Precision Craftsmanship for the Art of Throwing

Meet our new launch "Dynasty Ring" Knife, historied designed for enthusiasts and seasoned practitioners alike. Tailored for precision throwing with a ring at the top of knife, this knife ensures a stable and direct trajectory to your target, accommodating no-spin techniques.

Superior Steel for Exceptional Throws

Forged from 1095 steel, the "Dynasty Ring" Knife epitomizes durability, corrosion resistance, and edge retention. This high-caliber material guarantees peak performance throw after throw.

A Design That derives age-old history 

With its balanced weight and strategic design, the "Dynasty Ring" Knife achieves a seamless flight through the air. The salix-leaf shape, coupled with a unique top ring, minimizes retrieval difficulty, enabling a clean release and accurate strike.

This knife embodies the rich heritage of China's ancient history, meticulously crafted with a design inspired by the essence of Chinese culture. 

Sleek Aesthetics with a Purpose

The "Dynasty Ring" Knife goes beyond performance; its aesthetics are equally captivating. The steel's surface is adorned with a subtle pattern that enhances grip and adds an air of sophistication to your throwing toolkit.

Unleash the Power of the "Dynasty Ring" [Unsharpened]

Whether honing your skills or competing at the highest level, the "Dynasty Ring" Knife is the perfect extension of your ambition. It's not just a throwing knife; it's a trusted companion on your journey to becoming a master thrower.

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