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Designer DAZIRAN

Unicorn-2-Throwing Knife (3 Pieces)

Unicorn-2-Throwing Knife (3 Pieces)

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Sleek, Versatile, Precision-Made

Step into the world of expert throwing with the Unicorn-2, the successor to our beloved Unicorn-1. Redefined for versatility, the Unicorn-2 is a marvel of engineering, designed to excel in both no-spin and throws with half-spin, full-spin, and multi-spin.

Optimized Weight for Distance

At a streamlined weight of 7.41 ounces (210 g), the Unicorn-2 is lighter than Unicorn-1, enabling throwers to achieve greater distances with ease. Its 10.24 inches (26 cm) length is perfectly proportioned to maintain balance, ensuring a consistent throw every time.

Enhanced Aerodynamics

Featuring a narrower blade, the Unicorn-2 cuts through the air with reduced resistance, maximizing thrusting power. This design refinement makes it a formidable choice for mid to long-range throwing.

Customizable Grip

The handle boasts three strategically placed holes, allowing for the addition of a paracord grip. This customization offers enhanced security and comfort in the hand, giving you the confidence to throw with precision.

Trusted for Every Throw

Whether you're perfecting your half-spin, full-spin, multi-spin, or no-spin techniques, the Unicorn-2 adapts to your style, making it the ideal knife for throwers who demand excellence and adaptability. With the Unicorn-2 in hand, every throw is a step towards mastery.

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