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Designer LIE YU

Spike Holster-Vambrace

Spike Holster-Vambrace

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Seamless Mastery for the Modern Warrior

The "Spike Holster" is the epitome of form meeting function in the realm of martial arts precision. Meticulously handcrafted, this holster is a sleek companion for the discerning practitioner. Encased in high-grade genuine leather, it proudly bears the stamped emblem of LIE YU's phoenix — a symbol of power and grace.


  • Material: Handcrafted leather, robust for rigorous use.
  • Capacity: Custom-designed to hold six 0.315" (8mm) hexagonal bo-shurikens, compatible with our LongYin Bo-Shuriken, Phantom Bo-Shuriken, and Apocalypse Ice Dag Bo-Shuriken, as well as most market variants with 0.315" (8mm) hexagonal.
  • Insertion Depth: A perfect 5.31" (13.5cm) depth ensures secure placement while allowing quick access.
  • Dimensions: At a compact length of 5.51" (14cm), a width of 3.82" (9.7cm), and a height of 1.97" (5cm), it's tailored for tactical efficiency.
  • Carry: Versatility in carry is paramount; wear it on your waist for quick hand reach or sling it over the shoulder to suit your style.

Sophisticated and Utilitarian Design

This holster transcends mere functionality; it's a statement of sophistication. The striking black leather is complemented by meticulous stitching and the iconic phoenix emblem, signifying resilience and regeneration. Its construction not only promises longevity but also adds an aura of mystique to your martial ensemble.

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