TY is a vital founder at TEDOJO, serving as our core enthusiast for various martial arts disciplines. With a fervent passion for martial arts, he dedicates major time and energy to honing his skills, particularly in the art of throwing knives. In the daily operations of TEDOJO, TY assumes a pivotal responsibility and role. He oversees technical training maintenance and innovation, product development, supply chain management, and logistics supervision.

ZQ, one of the co-founders of TEDOJO, is a graduate of the University of Waterloo. Fueled by a passion for innovation and technology, he plays a key role in the team. ZQ is primarily responsible for building and managing our website, conducting data analysis and reporting, automated product design and spearheading innovation and technology initiatives within the team.

MIA, another co-founder of TEDOJO, is a graduate of the University of Toronto. Possessing keen insights and analytical skills in New Media Studies, she brings a unique perspective to the team. Mia's primary responsibilities include digital communication, multimedia content creation and translation, strategic development of targeted social media campaigns and optimizing brand building to ensure and enhance the brand's competitiveness.

WU, the sole member of the TEDOJO team located in China, is an experienced martial arts enthusiast and he runs his own martial arts studio. In the daily operations of TEDOJO, WU takes on a crucial role. He is primarily responsible for routine product testing and market trials for new releases. Additionally, Wu takes charge of product packaging checks and manages the initial segment logistics of our orders. WU often provides valuable insights during product testing, contributing constructive feedback to ensure TEDOJO selects the optimal products.