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Designer SHUIMU

Willow Star-Throwing Knife (5 Pieces)

Willow Star-Throwing Knife (5 Pieces)

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Willow Star: Silent grace, exceptional precision.

Willow Star features dual-edge blades (un-sharpened), shaped like willow leaves, delivering exceptional penetrating power. The raised section between the dual edges enhances the blade's steel structure, ensuring its durability. A hole at the tail end allows for the addition of a tassel, enhancing throwing stability.

Origin of the Name "柳星" (Willow Star)

In ancient Eastern mythology, the willow tree was known as one of the Four Ghost Trees, also serving as guardians of the human realm. Willows often grew by cold, damp riverbanks, attracting wandering spirits to take refuge beneath their branches. The drooping leaves resembled pointed knives, deterring restless spirits from causing havoc among the living. Willow Star's design takes inspiration from these leaves that repel spirits, hence why Designer Shui Mu named this sharp blade "柳星" (Willow Star). He hopes that every user of Willow Star can be a guardian like the willow tree, protecting themselves and their families.

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