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Designer DAZIRAN

Wanderer Bo-Shuriken (3 Pieces) Available on Amazon for US customers

Wanderer Bo-Shuriken (3 Pieces) Available on Amazon for US customers

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[US Customers] We friendly recommend you to place an order on Amazon at: Amazon.com : YINDISI TACTICALEDGED.Dojo Wanderer Bo-Shuriken - Elegant Engraved Throwing Spikes, 4 Pieces, 3CR13, 125g : Sports & Outdoors for seamless Prime delivery if possible.

Heritage Design

The Wanderer is not just a Bo-Shuriken — it's a piece of art, carrying the wisdom of ancient poetry on its steel. Each spike is meticulously engraved with a hero's verse, marrying the elegance of tradition with the practicality of modern design.

Balanced Craftsmanship

With a balanced weight of 125g, the Wanderer is perfected for mid-range throws. The tailored design allows for a smooth release, ensuring the spike travels straight and true to your intended target.

Enhanced Grip

Every detail on the Wanderer is intentional. The poetic script provides not only a visual narrative but also enhances grip, offering control and stability in each throw.

Versatile Use

Whether you're a seasoned martial artist or a beginner, the Wanderer is an ideal companion for your throwing practice. It's a versatile tool designed to adapt to your growing skills.

Connect with Tradition

Embrace the journey of the wandering hero with each throw. The Wanderer Bo-Shuriken invites you to be part of a storied history, refining your technique with a tool that stands the test of time.

Technical Data

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