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Designer DAZIRAN

Unicorn-3-Throwing Knife (3 Pieces) Available on Amazon for US customers

Unicorn-3-Throwing Knife (3 Pieces) Available on Amazon for US customers

Обычная цена $79.99 USD
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $79.99 USD
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[US Customers] We friendly recommend you to place an order for Unicron-3 on Amazon at: Amazon.com : YINDISI TACTICALEDGED.DOJO UNICORN-3 Throwing Knife Set - 3 Pieces,Stainless Steel, Optimized for Mid-Long Range (Silver) : Sports & Outdoors; and for Unicorn-3 L at: Amazon.com : YINDISI TACTICALEDGED.DOJO Unicorn-3 Large Throwing Knife - Extended Length, Stainless Steel, 3 Pieces, Balanced & Aesthetically Polished : Sports & Outdoors for seamless Prime delivery if possible.

Design of Unicorn-3

With weights of 175g (6.17oz) and 205g (7.23oz) for you to choose, this type of throwing knife is tailored for mid-range throwing. Through systematic power training, projectiles ranging from 90-210g can deliver desired force and speeds. The Unicorn-3 is also an excellent entry-level practice throwing knife for beginners. The round hole at the rear can be used to attach tassels to enhance the knife's flight stability or secure a paracord to prevent slipping.

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