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Shadow-Stealth Attires

Shadow-Stealth Attires

Обычная цена $580.00 USD
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $580.00 USD
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Shadow Stealth Attire is our premium training suit, a pinnacle of martial artistry and aesthetics. This high-end apparel is designed to accentuate the power and grace inherent in the martial artist, while providing unparalleled protection and functionality. 

"Shadow" transcends traditional martial arts apparel, offering a harmonious blend of luxury, protection, and practicality, designed for the discerning martial artist who values both form and function in their pursuit of martial excellence.

Key Features

  1. Enhanced Shoulder Armor: The suit features symmetrical shoulder guards, offering superior protection during rolls and agile maneuvers, showcasing a blend of form and function.

  2. Aesthetic Chest Guard with Utility: The chest armor is adorned with elegant metal rings, not only enhancing the visual appeal but also serving as attachment points for secondary weapons.

  3. Advanced Mask Design: The mask is engineered to maintain aerodynamics while ensuring breathability, crafted with high-end materials to prevent any discomfort during extended use.

  4. Sophisticated Adjustable Belt: The belt combines aesthetic elegance with practicality, featuring an advanced adjustment mechanism to comfortably fit various waist sizes.

  5. High-End Gloves with Enhanced Features: The gloves are designed with finger protection and improved grip, integrated with advanced joint cushioning technology for both safety and performance enhancement.

  6. Two-Section Trousers Design: The upper section boasts a flowing, wide-leg design reminiscent of the wind, while the lower section begins from the mid-calf with a tapered design for efficiency and agility in movement, ensuring no hindrance in high-intensity scenarios.

  7. Coordinated Scarf: Completing the ensemble is a matching scarf, seamlessly integrating with the suit and mask. It enhances the overall stealth and aesthetic unity while providing warmth and comfort in colder environments, allowing for fearless and unencumbered movement.

This Set Contains

This set includes most accessories in the pictures: "2. Aesthetic Chest Guard with Utility", "3. Advanced Mask", "4. Sophisticated Adjustable Belt", "5. Mask and Gloves", and "7. Coordinated Scarf".

P.S. Accessories in the pictures are NOT all included.  Check "PRODUCTS" for more accessories.

Before You Buy

We understand you can't wait to get your stealth attire. However, this is a high-end series at TEDojo, so we want it suits you at its best, and hence, maximize the training flexibility. Please send your measurements (height, weight, chest, shoulder, waist, hip, sleeves, inseam, leg) to tacticaledged.dojo@gmail.com after you have placed your order. If you are not sure on how those measurements work, you are welcomed to email us before you buy.


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