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Designer WanDao

Phoenix RS-Premium Throwing Knife (3 Pieces)

Phoenix RS-Premium Throwing Knife (3 Pieces)

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The Resurgence of a Classic

The Phoenix RS is a new throwing knife design from the Phoenix series by Designer WanDao, offering a versatile tool that complements every thrower's style. Crafted from the 440C medical-grade stainless steel, it balances hardness, corrosion resistance, and exceptional toughness in one sleek package.

Designed for Diversity

Whether you're a proponent of the no-spin, half-spin, or full-spin technique, the Phoenix RS is calibrated for your success. Its refined balance and aerodynamic shape ensure that each throw is smooth and stable, no matter the distance or style.

Precision and Performance

With its carefully contoured edges and a handle designed for a secure grip, the Phoenix RS provides an unparalleled throwing experience. The weight distribution along its 8.46-inch (21.5 cm) length and 4.94 oz (140 g) body is engineered for precision, allowing the knife to glide effortlessly through the air to its target.

Durable by Design

The Phoenix RS isn't just about performance; it's also built to last. The superior quality of 440C steel ensures that your knife withstands the rigors of repeated use, maintaining its edge and integrity throw after throw.

Phoenix RS: Your Reliable Companion

Whether for competitive throwing, practice, or simply the joy of mastering a new skill, the Phoenix RS is the embodiment of reliability and efficiency. Embrace the art of the throw with a knife that's as resilient and adaptable as the mythical bird it's named after.

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