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LongYin-Bo-Shuriken (12 Pieces)

LongYin-Bo-Shuriken (12 Pieces)

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Design of Long Yin

Long Yin is a bo-shuriken designed and produced jointly by Master Ying Zhao and Craftsman Mr. Youli in 2018. The bo-shuriken's design is oriented towards real-life combat scenarios, with its hexagonal shape optimized for controlled grip and throwing techniques. The five grooves on the blade are designed to allow users to gauge their grip depth by touch alone, eliminating the need to visually check before throwing. The functionality of these grooves mirrors the design of the handle wrapping on a samurai sword. The three-sided blade offers enhanced penetrating power compared to regular pointed tips. Weighing 95 grams, this bo-shuriken achieves higher throwing velocity while maintaining impressive force. When used correctly, Long Yin can consistently achieve a straight flight of up to 11 meters.

Origin of the Name "龙吟" (Long Yin)

In the Eastern world, the dragon is regarded as the mightiest creature bridging heaven and earth, symbolizing strength, courage, and unwavering determination. "龙吟" directly translates to "Dragon Roar" in English, signifying the profound call of a dragon. Throughout the product testing phase, the sound produced by this bo-shuriken as Master Ying Zhao skillfully projected it to strike the wooden target resonated with resolute force. Master Ying Zhao's throws mirrored the presence of a heroic true dragon. Upon witnessing this striking spectacle, Mr. Youli was deeply moved, leading to the naming of the shuriken as "龙吟" (Long Yin).

Technical Data

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