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Designer SHIFANG



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Kirin Vambrace is back and upgraded! 

Elevate your martial arts gear with our latest innovation, the "Kirin" Vambrace. This sleek, leather-bound accessory is designed to seamlessly integrate form with function, providing a stealthy and stylish way to carry your Bo-Shuriken.

Crafted for Agility and Readiness

The "Kirin" is more than just a protective arm guard; it's an arsenal on the go. Capable of housing three Bo-Shurikens, this bracer ensures that you are always prepared, whether for training or for competition. The slots are precision-engineered to hold each Bo-Shuriken [Unsharpened] securely, ensuring they are at the ready for a quick draw.

Design and Durability

Handcrafted with high-quality leather, the "Kirin" features a robust and flexible design that contours to your forearm, allowing for a comfortable fit and full range of motion. The combination of durable stitching and strategic rivet placement guarantees that the bracer can withstand the rigorous demands of daily use.

Technical Data

The set includes:

  • 1 Kirin Vambrace
  • 3 Bo-Shurikens

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