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Designer SHUIMU

Feather-Throwing Knife (6 pieces)

Feather-Throwing Knife (6 pieces)

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Featherlight but Powerful 

The Featherlight Throwing Knife, weighing 90 grams, this knife is a perfect fusion of inspiration drawn from surgical precision and the lightness of feathers. Designed by ShuiMu, crafted with a slender and elegant profile, its simplicity belies its balanced and versatile design this throwing knife is engineered to provide unparalleled speed and agility without compromising on power.

Unrivaled Precision, Streamlined Design

Measuring a mere 6 millimeters in thickness, it offers supreme ease of handling for both sliding grips and direct throws. Within a range of 7 meters, its performance is great, delivering pinpoint accuracy and formidable impact. Whether you prefer a traditional grip or employ advanced throwing techniques, this knife is tailored to suit any style.
Step up your throwing game with the "Feather Throwing Knife" – where precision meets performance, and innovation knows no bounds.

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