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Designer DAZIRAN

[NEW] Unicorn Condor-Throwing Knife (3 Pieces)

[NEW] Unicorn Condor-Throwing Knife (3 Pieces)

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Unleash Your Potential with Precision

Meet the Unicorn Condor, our latest innovation in throwing knives that doubles as a training companion for training dagger enthusiasts. Choose your ally: the standard Unicorn Condor at a substantial 320g (11.29oz) or the heftier Unicorn Condor L at 370g (13.05oz), each meticulously crafted to simulate the heft and feel of a training army knife.

Design and Functionality

Forged with a full tang for durability and designed to emulate the classic training dagger, these knives feature a quillon for an authentic army knife silhouette. This design isn't just for show—it's a functional aspect that enhances the grip, allowing for a versatile range of throwing techniques, from force control to half-spin, full-spin, and multi-spin throws.

Weight Choices for Tailored Training

Whether you're honing your skills for tactical scenarios or engaging in recreational target throwing, the choice between the 320g and 370g models allows you to customize your practice to your preferred weight class, mirroring the real-world conditions of survival situation.

A Tribute to Throwing Tradition

Drawing inspiration from the tried-and-true Unicorn-1, the Unicorn Condor series takes the legacy of multi-spin capable knives to new heights. Engineered for throwers who command not only power but also precision, these knives strike an impeccable balance between length, weight, and aerodynamic design.

Features at a Glance

- Full-tang construction for break-resistant durability.
- Quillon feature for a realistic army knife feel and improved grip.
- Two weight variants (320g and 370g) to suit your training preference.
- Capable of multiple throwing techniques, including force control and spins.
- A design that pays homage to the functionality and aesthetic of military blades.

Notice Before Ordering

Due to the size of Unicorn Condor, the signature TacticalEdged.Dojo box will NOT fit. Rest assure, we will still pack it well and get it delivered to you safe and sound.

Technical Data

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