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Designer SHIFANG

Steel Wolf Holster-Vambrace

Steel Wolf Holster-Vambrace

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Step into another realm of agile and precision with the "Steel Wolf Holster" vambrace with your favorite Steel Wolf throwing knives.

Unmatched Accessibility

Designed for quick access, the "Steel Wolf Holster" vambrace allows for rapid deployment of your Steel Wolf throwing knifes. The three snug slots ensure your knives are secure yet ready to be unleashed at a moment’s notice. Perfectly positioned on the thigh, it provides an optimal balance of concealment and accessibility.

Robust and Elegant Design

Crafted from premium materials, the "Steel Wolf Holster" is both durable and stylish. The black finish exudes a sleek appearance while the embossed detailing and ornate emblem add a touch of elegance. This holster isn’t just a carrying solution—it’s a statement.


Material: High-quality, durable leather with metal detailing for a sophisticated touch.
Capacity: Securely holds three Steel Wolf Throwing Knives.
Carry: It can be hanged on the belt or on your waist.
Design: Features a compact and low-profile build, ideal for discreet carry and quick knife access.

The set includes:

  • 1 Steel Wolf Holster Vambrace
  • 3 Steel Wolf Throwing Knifes (for Bundle option)
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