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Designer Chien Piao Tang

General I-Throwing Knife (3 Pieces)

General I-Throwing Knife (3 Pieces)

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The Heir of Tradition

Explore the General I, a robust addition to the lineage of precision throwers. Weighing at 5.82 oz with an 8.66-inch length and a thickness of 0.25 inches, this knife takes the revered “willow leaf” silhouette to new heights, crafted for those who favor a heftier companion in their throwing practice.

Material and Craftsmanship

Constructed from resilient 4Cr13 Stainless Steel, the General I stands as a symbol of enduring strength. This choice of material provides an ideal harmony of sharpness retention and resistance to wear, set at a practical hardness of 53 HRC to withstand the rigors of repetitive use.

Design Evolution

Designed by the esteemed Chien Piao Tang, the General I evolves with a heavier tip, enhancing grip comfort and throwing dynamics. This subtle yet significant design refinement translates to an improved hand-feel and release, optimizing for no-spin throwing experiences.

Functional Aesthetics

Not just designed to please the eye, the General I’s form serves a functional purpose. The weight distribution and aerodynamic shape ensure that each throw is as precise as it is powerful, slicing through the air with grace and stability.

Customizable Detail

The drilled hole at the tail is ready for personalization, inviting throwers to attach a tassel for tradition or flair. This feature also aids in the identification of the knife in a collection and adds a personal touch to the throwing ritual.

Technical Data

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