Welcome to TEDOJO!

Step into our CHIHOU studio, where tradition meets modern precision. Explore and wield a blend of heritage and cutting-edge craftsmanship curated for enthusiasts. We hope that you enjoy the journey as much as we do.

  • Designer SHUIMU 水木

    SHUIMU has extensive experience in designing and crafting throwing knives (e.g. Steel-wolf, Willow-star, and the Guard). His design philosophy centers around seamlessly combining lightness (normally <200g) and high throwing speed plus smooth performance.

  • Designer WANDAO 顽道

    WANDAO has dedicated years of study in his factory in LongQuan City, adapting the age-old art of sword making into the crafting of knives. Each collective throwing knife undergoes hand-forging, quenching, and polishing. The design philosophy behind it strives for perfection, elegance, and heritage.

  • Designer SHIFANG 什方

    SHIFANG, both an engineer and an avid thrower, engages hands-on in every step of the vambrace-making process. From conceptualization, sketching, and material selection to cutting the leather and sewing. Every product undergoes continuous refinement based on his own use and feedback.

  • Master YINGZHAO 英昭

    Master YingZhao apprenticed under as many as eleven mentors, spending over a decade crafting numerous unique systems of his own.

  • Master TIANZHENG 天正

    Apprenticed under Grand Master YINGZHAO, and explored the intricacies of samurai sword techniques, unravelling the secrets of their precise throwing methods.